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Photo Contest "My best years in KUTEL"

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Terms of the Photo Contest "My best years in KUTEL"

This document contains a description of the formal conditions of Photo Contest "My best years in KUTEL" (hereinafter - the "Contest"), which conducts Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law (hereinafter - "Organizer").

Conditions of participation

1. Competition is open to citizens of Ukraine who are students of the Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law, Kiev college of Hotel Management, Economics and Law School.

2. To participate in the Contest must:

1. Accept the terms.

2. Submit to the contest.

3. Complainant agrees with the following conditions:

a) The organizers reserve the right to a free use and dissemination of materials for the contest at its discretion. By sending organizers their work, author thus gives organizers permission for its free and free use and distribution.

b) At the request of the organizers of the contest winners agree to grant organizers a photograph or a photograph with the prizes received for publication on the portal of KUTEL (

c) By participating in the Contest, participants agree that their names, photos, interviews and other materials can be used by the organizers on an unrestricted area and for an unlimited time without paying for it any remuneration. All copyrights to such materials will belong to the organizers, including the right for further processing and use. Additional personal data about participants (telephone, birthdate, email address, etc.) may be used only with the consent of participant.

4. Submitted to the competition works are not reviewed and does not return.

5. The author submitted works also assume responsibility for infringement of copyright and related rights of third parties. I.e. author is responsible for the presence of his rights to provide work to the contest on his behalf.

Conditions of Contest and the winners

1. The contest runs from June 1 to June 30, 2010.

2. The competition consists of stages:

1. Submission of entries: June 1-June 25, 2010.

2. Assessment of works received (during the whole competition).

3. Publication on the website of the best works (during the whole competition).

4. Results of the competition, the winners: 25-30 June 2010.

5. Award winners (after summing up the competition).

3. To participate in the Competition must register by filling out an application to the advertising and information department of KUTEL (dormitory, 1 st floor) and send a photo or a series of photographs on each topic to address

Subject photos:

  • Tourism in my life.
  • My Profession - my future.
  • My student life.
  • My friends - the best.
  • Brightest practice.

4. The last day for submitting works to the Competition - June 25, 2010.

5. At the contest can be sent only original works of authorship, not previously published in print or online editions.

6. Each author may submit to the Competition an unlimited number of photos.

7. To participate in the competition only works that meet the "Requirements for the filed to the competition".

8. Submitted to the competition are not reviewed and does not return.

9. Winners of the Competition determines the Organizer jury.

10. Awarding will take place after summing up the contest.

11. Proceedings of the competition results will be published on the portal of KUTEL (

Claims filed to the Competition works

The work served to the Competition must meet the following requirements.

1. Work must be submitted in the form of photos in GIF or JPEG in a separate file.

2. File size photographs should not exceed 5 MB.

3. Subject photos:

  • Tourism in my life.
  • My Profession - my future.
  • My student life.
  • My friends - the best.
  • Brightest practice.

4. It is desirable to accompany the photographs brief commentary (name of models, why the author believes that this image reflects the theme, etc.) This increases the chances of victory in the contest.

Evaluation work

In assessing the work submitted to the contest, will be used the following criteria.

1. The corresponding requirements of competition.

2. The brilliance and originality of photographs.

3. The quality of photos.

4. The presence of a small commentary on the photographs (this increases the chances of winning the contest).

Competition Prizes

1. Contest prizes are:

1. First place: Certificate network 1000 UAH.

2. The prize for second place: Certificate network to 500 UAH.

3. The prize for third place: Certificate network 300 UAH.

4. The prize in the nomination Face of KUTEL (model): a certificate for the restaurant.

2. The jury of Organizer determines the Winners of the Competition.

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