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Concert on the occasion of International Day of Students

Important event

On Thursday 17 November 2011 we invite to the assembly hall at gala concert dedicated to the International Students Day.

Every year freshmen of KUTEL compete for the right to represent their university on the city and national competitions - the dancing, singing and WHC. And this year, young talents will show all that capable.

Congratulations to all students with their "professional" holiday – Students` Day!

History of the International Day of Students

International Students' Day is set at the World Congress of the students, held in Prague in 1946.

Of course, this holiday is associated with youth, romance and fun, but its history, which began in Czechoslovakia during the Second World War, due to the tragic events.

October 28, 1939 in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, Prague, students and their teachers went to a demonstration to mark the anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. The demonstration was broken up, was shot and killed a medical student, Jan Opletal.

Funeral of John turned into a protest. Dozens of demonstrators were arrested, and on November 17 by the Gestapo and the SS in the early morning surrounded student housing. More than 1200 students were arrested and imprisoned in a concentration camp in Sachsenhausen. Nine students and activists of the student movement was executed without trial in the dungeons of prisons in the district of Prague Ruzyně.


On Hitler's orders all Czech universities were closed before the end of the war.

Since then, every International Students' Day - is not only unbridled joy, and feast day of student freedom and opportunity to receive education.

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