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November 17, 2011 will be the final student conference "Internships"

Each year at the University is sharing experience - students are 4th year students report to the third year of practical training abroad. This exchange of experience is invaluable, because the internship is not just a trip to distant countries, and an opportunity to test themselves to improve abilities and skills, see their strengths and weaknesses as future specialists in hospitality.

Training Programmes 3-d course designed so that students can fully take practical training in Ukraine and abroad. The lecture year ends on 21 April, which helps prepare students as future professionals of the business.

Training increases the rating of the University students in further employment, taking into account the experience of work. Probation period - it is not only an opportunity to obtain practical knowledge and skills in the hospitality and tourism, as well as improving language skills, knowledge of customs and cultures - places of training, get an unforgettable experience.

After completing the program, all students receive certificates and a resume of the company where they were trained. Foreign experience is very valuable in Ukraine, and the international certificates can count on a great chance at employment in comparison with other contenders.

Given the specificity of tourism, probation period, usually conducted in the spring and summer (''high season'') for three to six months, depending on the host country.

Probation period takes place on the basis of bilateral treaties on cooperation between KUTEP and foreign partners - as educational institutions, and directly to businesses - databases and internships.

The main directions of the traineeship: Greece, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Slovakia, the United States. List of countries constantly expanded and updated with new partners.

Over the past 5 years more than 1600 students have passed training and received certificates. This enabled our graduates to obtain employment in such leading travel companies as Tez Tour, Odeon Tours, Turtess Travel, Coral Travel, international hotel chains Hyatt, Radisson, Intercontinental, Four Season, Savoy, etc.

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