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17-18 November 2011 held a workshop for faculty and staff on "Wonder clients - successful sales and professional handling of the guests"

Ukrainian-German Training Centre of Hospitality together with the Department of Hotel and Restaurant Business of KUTEL 17-18 November 2011 conducted a master class for teachers and university employees.

Topic: "Wonder clients - successful sales and professional handling of the guests"

Target group: All staff of the reception, restaurant, banquet services with the organization, all employees who have contact with guests.

Objective and Skills: The purpose is to convert visitors to multipliers and messengers of their own institution.

Be happy - this is not enough to be satisfied - guests should be delighted to return. Only thus will be competitive institution and successful. Participants will be trained to different requirements / wishes of our guests. They learn to recognize the expectations of guests, to determine the main characteristics of the institution and to develop the Alpha and Omega for each individual client. So you create your own brand.

Methods: moderation, case studies, practical examples of individual, group work, analysis of examples from practice, role play, discussion.


  • Loyalty to clients - luxury or necessity
  • Surprise your guests
  • Little things that make us successful
  • How important is our own brand - mark me!
  • Turn your customers on friends
  • Art is constantly new surprises
  • Professional treatment of permanent guests
  • Practical examples

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