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Ukraine into the top 10 countries that are worth a visit in 2012

Ukraine took the step 3 in the ranking. Tourists are offered to fill gaps and cliches and get acquainted with "the great unknown place in Europe".

The authoritative British guide The Lonely Planet, along with Uganda, Myanmar, Bhutan and Cuba included Ukraine to the top 10 countries that are worth a visit in 2012.

In the first place - Uganda. Publication of such offers to visit the valley of the Nile River, savannah and jungle addition, this year Uganda celebrates the 50th anniversary of independence. The capital of Kampala, which is considered one of the safest cities in Africa, will hold the event vividly. However, there are still many problems with respect for human rights and tolerance. Thus, homosexuality is considered taboo. In addition, experts advise against travel to the north-eastern part of the country.

Second place in the ranking ranked Myanmar (Burma). The country is famous for its white sandy beaches, surrounded by mountains. The area is filled with ancient towns and pagodas. In particular, on the plains 26 km of the river near the city of Bagan is located about 4 thousand pagodas.

Ukraine took the step 3 in the ranking. The Lonely Planet offers tourists fill the gaps and cliches and get acquainted with "the great unknown place in Europe." The publication mentions New York, the old city of Kyiv, the nature of the pristine shores of the Crimean coast and "beer cheaper than water." As space travel especially encouraged to visit the city, where will be Euro 2012, and Chernobyl.

The following countries - Jordan. The Lonely Planet calls Jordan one of the most open, friendly and hospitable countries in the Middle East and offers to visit Wadi Rum, Jerash and Madaba. In addition, the economy now is booming, and its tourist infrastructure makes the country one of the most accessible of Arab States for travelers.

Fifth place in the ranking ranked Denmark. Comfortable city of Denmark, as noted by The Lonely Planet, is also ideal for people who love travel bike. Across the country can be found about 10 thousand kilometers of bicycle trails and about 4 million bicycles.

The next country to visit The Lonely Planet Bhutan offers. In particular, the guide offers a flight over the peaks of mountains that protect the town of Paro, hike through the pristine mountains of western Bhutan and visit the Royal Manas National Park.

Seventh place in the ranking took Cuba. The country, which gradually opened the door of world capitalism, attracts travelers originality of his everyday life, which includes impromptu dance salsa, rum and coffee-breaks, as well as wagons and horses.

The next place is worth visiting, The Lonely Planet says New Caledonia. Guide notes that New Caledonia resembles a piece of France, who moved right in the tropics. However, at the forefront in the country goes culture of indigenous Melanesian peoples and the revival of ancient traditions.

According to The Lonely Planet, Taiwan also offers travelers especially stunning scenery - a combination of rocks, sea and mountains. Interesting to visit are also numerous museums, which contain the treasures of imperial China. Taiwan was chosen as the best place to visit in 2012, as authorities have increasingly funded the development of cycling, so the country can be viewed using the special set of tracks.

Final country in the list is Switzerland. The country is economically developed, stable, with beautiful mountain and plain landscapes. Of the rating indicate that this year will be much easier to Switzerland to attend due to start 19 new trains from Paris and the construction of a large Gotthard railway tunnel.

Source: TSN

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