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To prepare for the EIT time more than enough!

Separate media spreads information among students regarding the alleged summary of terms between the graduation party (May 12-13) and EIT formulation that prevents quality training to the test. These messages are completely unfounded!

Note that according to the Ukrainian Center for Evaluation of Education for participation in an external independent evaluation of 328 910 registered entrants. Compared with last year the number registered has increased by 71,588 persons (28%). Most reported (265389) - graduates of secondary schools this school year.

Schedule of testing consisted in a way that of EIT with popular items was not at the beginning of the testing process and the vast majority of the participants had time to carefully prepare for their assembly. So the first test of the EIT defined chemistry - is May 15 (14% of students), the second - Russian (2% of students). But such a popular subject like mathematics (62% of applicants) will consist of up 21-22 May. Tests with other most popular items will be held later. That is for the main part of students time to prepare more than enough (from 9-10 days). In addition, preparation for external assessment was conducted during the school year, was started not after graduation parties ...

Source: Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine

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