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Published draft of admission to universities in 2013

The proposed project conditions of admission, after discussion and approval rules determine admissions 2013, guiding higher education institutions of the country.

According to the draft conditions of admission, applications and documents from applicants for admission to full-time students in 2013 will be accepted from 1 to July 31.

It is assumed that applicants in 2013 will be eligible to submit certificates of testing, published in 2013, or certificates of 2008-2012. It is also planned that next year entrants will be able to apply for admission no more than five universities and no more than three applications in each of the universities.

Applicants for admission to the BA program applicants will be permitted to have the results of testing of non-core subjects not below 124 points, and the profile are not below 140 points. It is assumed that universities may set a higher number of points Certificate testing of core subjects.

For the competitive selection of applicants, which on the basis of secondary education will enter for education and qualification level of bachelor, in 2013 proposed to rank points Certificate testing of three subjects.

Applicants who have received secondary education in 2007 or earlier will be able to enter the university as the results of testing, and the results of entrance exams in high school.

Contest entrants score calculated by adding points certificates testing of competitive subjects, middle school leaving certificate points and extra points. Traditionally, those applicants who in the year since graduate courses of higher education will count for 20 bonus points.

Ranking lists of applicants formed out Unified electronic database on Education and published by posting on the notice boards of admissions and websites universities specifying the categories listed.

Adjustments lists recommended for admission of applicants will take place in several stages. The first rating lists applicants who will enter in full and basic secondary education, indicating recommended for admission, publish August 1. Transfer applicants for full-time training of public order is to be held on August 11.

Text of proposed to discuss the project can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education. Proposals to the draft document can be provided in the form of a new version of the item to the October 19, 2012 at 01135, Kyiv, ave. Victory 10, the Department of Higher Education or e-mail:


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