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Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines

In 1996, the Department of Humanitarian Sciences was established at the Kyiv Institute of Tourism, Economics and Law. In 2013, it was renamed the Department of Social and Humanitarian Sciences, which is currently the leading department of the university. Its founders were: D.P.S., Professor Oliynyk Pavel Nikolaevich, D.P.S., Professor Nadija Andriivna Fomenko, C.P.S, associate professor Povazhnaya Lyudmila Ivanivna, C.P.S., Professor Zechmistrova Galina Stepanivna, C.P.S., associate professor Zayets Alexander Yosypovych, C.Ph.S, Associate Professor Bondar Tatyana Ivanivna.

The head of the department is Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Nadija Andriivna Fomenko

Professorial and teaching staff of the department

Fomenko Nadija Andriivna

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine

Main works: over 200 scientific works, including manuals and monographs.

Disciplines:Legal pedagogy

Scientific directions of research: pedagogy


Volynets Vitaliy Valentinovich

Doctor of Law, Associate Professor

Main works: he is the author of more than 100 scientific works, including manuals and monographs

Disciplines: Politology

Scientific directions of research: State, system of functions of a modern state.


Kruchek Alexander Alikovich

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Main works: more than 30 scientific works, including scientific articles and monographs

Disciplines: Methodology and Organization of Scientific Research, Fundamentals of Scientific Research, Tourismology

Scientific directions of research: problems of hospitality as a component of Ukrainian culture

Linchak Inna Nikolaevna

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor

Main works: more than 40 scientific and teaching works; co-author of the textbook "Ukrainian language (for professional orientation") for students of higher educational establishments of the direction of training "Tourism", the compiler of the collection "Tourism and tourists in anecdotes".


Ukrainian language (by professional orientation), Culture of scientific language, University education

Scientific directions of research: lexicology of professional speech (in particular, professionalism, professional jargon of the hospitality industry); Methodology of teaching the Ukrainian language (for professional orientation) for non-specialized faculties; post-folklore


Panchenko Svetlana Anatolievna

Senior Lecturer

Main works: more than 15 scientific works in the field of tourism, religious studies, cultural studies. Among them: "The phenomenon of pilgrimage from the view of philosophical knowledge", Perspectives of the development of new areas of tourism in Ukraine, "The Importance and Problems of Social Tourism in Ukraine," "Walking on the Pass" as the Dominant Value of Atonement in Orthodox pilgrims, Topical Issues of the Phenomenon of the Pilgrimage 


Political science, Religious studies

Scientific directions of research: Religious studies, religious tourism, cultural studies


Solyanik Svetlana Fedorovna

Candidate of Philosophy

Main works: more than 20 scientific works

Disciplines: Professional ethics and aesthetics

Scientific directions of research: definition of socioeconomic significance of tourism as an important factor of social life, its place in the modern anti-crisis strategy of "sustainable development" of society.


Tsekhmistrova Galina Stepanivna

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Main works: over 100 scientific works, including manuals and monographs

Disciplines:Teaching method in high school

Scientific directions of research: integrative methods of training in the training of specialists in the field of tourism

Research topic of the department: "Tourism and education"

Scientific directions:

  • Socio-psychological education of specialists: modern criteria
  • Formation of modern worldview and social culture of personality
  • Modern Educational-Pedagogical Systems of Education

Disciplines taught at the department

1. Actual problems of modern social science

2. Higher education and Bologna process

3. Age psychology

4. Business etiquette and protocol

5. Office work in the field

6. Ethics and aesthetics in the work of a lawyer

7. History of Ukraine

8. History of Ukrainian culture

9. Conflictology

10. Conflict and the theory of negotiations

11. Culture of scientific language

12. Logic

13. Methods of teaching in high school

14. Methodology and organization of scientific research

15. Methodology of scientific research

16. National self-responsibility and universal values

17. Fundamentals of scientific research

18. Fundamentals of psychology and pedagogy

19. Political science

20. Legal pedagogy

21. Professional ethics and aesthetics

22. Psychology

23. Psychology of interpersonal communication

24. Psychology of tourism

25. Psychology of management

26. Psychology of Management and Conflict

27. Religious studies

28. Rhetoric and oratory

29. Sociology

30. Sociology of law

31. Sociology of tourism

32. Ukrainian language (for science, analytical and management activities)

33. Ukrainian language (by professional orientation)

34. University education

35. Philosophy

36. Philosophy of law (special course)

37. The philosophy of tourism (special course)

38. Legal conflictology

39. Legal psychology


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