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Scientific and Educational Conference for students of Master degree of Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law on the theme: “Tourism in Ukraine on the eve of Euro 2012” (25.11.2010)

Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law

Scientific and Educational Conference
“Tourism in Ukraine on the eve of Euro 2012”

(25 November, 2010, Kyiv)
Kyiv 2010


  • Tsehmistrova Galina - Chairman of the Organizing Committee, vice-rector for scientific and technical work, candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor
  • Kuchaj Oksana - deputy chairman of the Organizing Committee, deputy dean of international economic relations and management faculty, candidate of economical sciences, associate professor
  • Govorukha Irina - lecturer in accounting and auditing
  • Demenina Ludmila - Secretary-rector of scientific and technical work
  • Konyuk Tatiana - Methodist of Department of World Economy

Scientific and educational conference for students of Master degree of KUTEL
on the theme: “Tourism in Ukraine on the eve of Euro 2012”

Kyiv November 25, 2010


Premises KCHM, st. General Zhmachenko, 26 (aud.201)




  • Speeches of students - 7 min.
  • Reference - 3 min.

“Development of tourism as a factor in the formation of the Ukrainian economy necessitates the creation of tourism industry training personnel, which would be capable of educated professionals in a competitive work individually, efficiently and professionally”

(Commentary on the Law of Ukraine "About Tourism")


Tsehmistrova Galina - Vice-rector for scientific and technical work


"Tourism in Ukraine: realities of nowadays" - Director of Scientific Center for Tourism Ministry of Culture and Tourism SOKOLOVA OLENA


Kudrya Kate - "The impact of “Euro 2012” on the economy of Ukraine" (5-th year student in "Marketing")

Davydchuk Antonina – “Training volunteers for “Euro 2012” (Master's student of the specialty "Tourism")

Bayazitova Anastasia - "The development of tourism and hotel and restaurant business in Ukraine in preparation for Euro-2012" (Master's student of the specialty "Tourism")

Zabrodska Natalia - "One-day tour of the city of Donetsk (5-th year student in "Management")

Zaitseva Maria – “Tour “Kharkiv-historical” (5-th year student in "Management")

Ivanenko Marina – “Lviv - the city of history and cradle of Ukrainian culture” (5-th year student in "Management")

Knyazev Sergei – “Intercontinental Hotel Network - Trends 2010-2011” (5-th year student in "Management")

Kovalenko Maria - "Problems of tourism business in a dynamic changing market environment" (Master's student of “International Economic Relations”)

Melnichyk Irina, Goncharuk Catherine - "Status and prospects of tourism development in Ukraine" (Master's students of “International Economic Relations”)

Mavrenyk Julia - "Development of Rural Tourism in Ukraine" (Master's student of “International Economic Relations”)

Kanivets Maria, Pecherycja Natalia – “International travel - today's realities” (Master's students of “International Economic Relations”)

Moskaluk Anna - "Development of domestic tourism in Ukraine" (Master's student of “International Economic Relations”)

Lokutanska Olga – “Transport services in Ukraine and their influence on tourism development” (Master's student of “International Economic Relations”)

Pidlisnyak Alex - "Analysis of current problems of tourism industry and ways to overcome them" (Master’s student in “International Economic Relations”)

Rak Natalia - "The problem of training for tourism: experience of European countries" (Master's student in “International Economic Relations”)

Rybka Tatiana - "Forming the communicative language abilities - a necessary component of modern comprehensive training of specialists" (Master's student, specialty “Accounting and Auditing”)

Borovych Anna - "Industry SPA - as a promising segment of tourism in Ukraine" (Master's student in “International Economic Relations”)

Medvedeva Kateryna - "Prospects for tourism business in the Crimean region" (Master's student in “International Economic Relations”)

Kovaljskya Inna - Development of tourist recreational sector of the industry as a means of strengthening the tourism potential of Ukraine" (Master's student, specialty “Accounting and Auditing”)

Breyter Ludmila - "Formation of a regional strategy for tourism in Ukraine" (Master's student, specialty “Accounting and Auditing”)

Skydan Irina - "The economic efficiency of tourism in Ukraine" (Master's student, specialty “Accounting and Auditing”)

Cheruha Anna – “Realities and prospects of space tourism” (5-th year student in "Management")

Sumoroka Valentina - "Chernigov in the history and present of Ukraine” (5-th year student in "Management")

Tikhonovich Alexander - "Development of recreational activities in tourism" (Master’s student in "Tourism")


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