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Meeting with professors of Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law and negotiations on cooperation and mutual assistance between the Research Institute and KUTEL

6 October hold a meeting and official talks on cooperation and mutual assistance of representatives of the Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies (Research Institute) with employees Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law (KUTEL).

The purpose of the meeting was to establish cooperation between the two sides in the field of research: the passage of scientific training, create research centers to conduct joint research, exchange of information and research results, writing of joint scientific projects for grants.

Research Institute represented by a delegation led by the Institute deputy director Professor A.L. Zinchenko and employees of the institute, head of the department of educational technology and the popularization of Ukrainian T.I. Boyko, Executive Secretary D.V. Talochka. Representatives from KUTEL were first rector Doctor of Education N.A. Fomenko, vice-rector of scientific work V.S. Pazenok, vice-rector of organizational and pedagogical work O.I. Nelin, professor of social and human sciences chair G.S. Tsehmistrova, teaching staff of departments.

At the meeting were discussed the following areas of cooperation:

- Development of methodological and analytical materials, textbooks and programs in Ukrainian and tourismology for use in the educational process;

- Organizing and conducting research, writing and publication of books, textbooks;

- Development and implementation of activities related to the active involvement of tourism resources in Ukraine in national and European cultural and information space;

- Cooperation through academic councils, research, editorial and publishing departments;

- Scientific-theoretical, scientific and other conferences, scientific expertise, discussions, theoretical and scientific papers on areas and issues of mutual interest;

- Exchange of experience and educational research.

Meeting with Research Institute delegation and teachers of KUTEL began with a welcoming speech of Vice Rector N.A. Fomenko, which noted the importance of cooperation between higher education and research institutions. In her speech before teachers of KUTEL deputy director A.L. Zinchenko acquainted with the overall structure of the Research Institute, the main directions of its work and outlined the issues related to cooperation in the scientific field. To library fund was transferred the magazine «Ukrainian» № 1, 2, and teachers were invited to publish on the pages of scientific articles and reviews. 

In T.I. Boyko speech the focus was on activities that were carried out on the initiative of Research Institute and faculty KUTEL was invited to participate in scientific activities for announcements Research Institute website. It was suggested joint contest of research works of Ukrainian students and graduate students.

D.V. Talochka noted that cooperation strategically important task KUTEL and Research Institute is the disclosure of the intellectual potential of students and young scientists. He expressed willingness Research Institute to promote research activities and professional development of young people, in particular by providing practical training for students and graduate students quality training.

The outcome of negotiations between KUTEL and Research Institute is signing an agreement on cooperation and mutual assistance, the development of a specific work plan for the next period.

Source: National Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies

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