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Meeting with the representative of the editorial office of the newspaper "All about accounting" Grinishina Inna Pavlovna

The Department of Accounting and Audit, Marketing and Management together with the students of the 4th year, the Faculty of International Economic Relations and Management, specialty "Accounting and Audit", at the end of the second semester 2016-2017, held a meeting with the editor of the newspaper "All about accounting" Grinishina Inna Pavlovna.

The participants familiarized themselves with the work of the editorial staff, which is to constantly seek and improve cooperation with the professional community to update the materials of the publication, to prepare regular and thematic issues, special issues, monitoring legislation and changes in the regulatory framework, as well as systematization of useful materials to assist students in studying special and accounting disciplines, writing diploma thesis and coursework.

New competitions and various promotions, which is being held by the newspaper among students of educational institutions of Ukraine, were announced.

The fruitful long-term cooperation between the collective of the editorial office "All about accounting" and the department of accounting and auditing, marketing and management of the Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law has become a good tradition.

The editors help to hold various competitions, educational projects for students of the specialty "Accounting and Audit".

In the framework of the meeting were marked with certificates:

- for fruitful cooperation - the Department of Accounting and Audit, Marketing and Management;

- for excellent teaching and active participation in the life of the group and the faculty, organizational skills - Bodnar Anna Vitalievna

- for excellent study of the best students of the 4th year:

Group 41 OAd:

1. Kurenkova Yaroslava

2. Nyaeva Vita

3. Padalka Margarita

4. Yablonsky Oleksandr

groups 41 MEV:

1. Melnyk Karina

2. Ostrohradskaya Julia

3. Romanko Alexei

4. Skrypka Tatyana.







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