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Postgraduate school

Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law
Together with Research Institute of Private Law and Business named after F.H.BURCHAK NALS of UKRAINE
Announces admission to postgraduate school

In specialties:

081 - Law

12.00.03 - Civil law;

12.00.04 - Business Law

To postgraduate studies accepts citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons residing (are) in Ukraine legally, with a master's degree (education level specialist) and expressed a desire to get a PhD.

Preparation of persons in graduate school shall be financed from individuals and entities (under contract).

Normative period of training in graduate school is 4 years.

Application deadline and documents:

1 stream: beginning - February 05, 2018; the ending is May 14, 2018;

2 stream: beginning - August 13, 2018; the ending is September 14, 2018.

Entrance tests will be conducted in oral and written form:

1 stream: from May 14 to June 1, 2018;

2 stream: from September 17 to September 28, 2018.

Entrance examinations to graduate school include:

- entrance examination on specialty (program);

- entrance exam in a foreign language (English - program).

An applicant who confirmed their level of knowledge, including English language test certificate valid TOEFL, or International English Language Testing System, or certificate Cambridge English Language Assessment, exempt from the entrance exam in a foreign language. In determining the results of the competition these certificates equivalent to the results of the entrance examination in a foreign language with the highest score;

- presentation of research proposals or achievements (requirements).

Persons without valid reasons appeared in the entrance test scheduled at the specified time, the person whose knowledge was assessed scores below the minimum level of these Rules, as well as those who took the documents after the expiry date of receipt of the documents for participation in these entrance and tests in the competition are not allowed. Retaking exams to graduate school is not allowed.

Results of entrance exams to graduate school are valid for the end of 2018 year.

Rating list of applicants to graduate school will be ordered by competitive score from largest to smallest forms from each study separately.

The decision of the admissions commission on admission to the postgraduate study is approved by the relevant order by October 1, 2018.

are required at admission to graduate school:

1) a copy of the state standard document on the previously obtained master's degree or educational qualification level of the specialist, on the basis of which the entry into the postgraduate study is completed, and an appendix to it, certified in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation;

2) a personal card in the form P-2, certified by the signature of the head of the personnel service and the seal at the main place of work/training, with a photograph on which the seal of this institution is affixed;

3) four color photographs 3×4;

4) list of published scientific works (if available);

5) a copy of the document certifying the identity and citizenship;

6) a copy of the document on the change of the surname (in case of change of the adopter of the surname);

7) a copy of the card of the individual - the taxpayer;

8) a copy of the military ticket or certificate of registration (for the military);

9) a copy of the international certificate of foreign language (if available);

10) an abstract in the plastic folder-reader, which reflects research proposals or achievements.

A cardboard folder is added to the documents.

Paid Training - 15 800 UAH in a year

Rules for admission to the postgraduate and doctoral programs of the Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law and the Research Institute of Private Law and Entrepreneurship named after Academician F. G. Burchak of the NAL of Ukraine in 2018 (in ukrainian)- download

Documents are accepted at:

02192, Str. General Zhmachenko 26

Tel. for more information - (+38 044) 543-86-19, (+38 044) 599-93-51, (+38 067) 441-05-50


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