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Summary conference of the Faculty of Law "Improving the legal regulation of notaries, customs and tourism in Ukraine: Problems of efficiency"

Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law

F a c u l t y of L a w

Summary conference
Faculty of Law
"Improving the legal regulation of notaries, customs and tourism in Ukraine: Problems of efficiency"

Kyiv - 2010

Order of the conference

- Plenary Session: 27 December 2010, beg. at 10.00.h.


Report - 10 minutes

Scientific reports - up to 7 minutes

Remarks in the discussion - to 3 minutes

Venue: KUTEL, 424 room.


Introduction Rector for Research,
PhD, prof., corresponding member. NAS of Ukraine Pazenka VS

Scientific reports and message:

Department of Civil Law and Legal Provision of Tourism

  • Dolyanovska Inna, PhD, associate professor KUTEL - Preventing Exploitation of Children in Ukraine
  • Vyshnovetska Svetlana, PhD, Associate Professor - Problems of improving the legal regulation of international tourism relations
  • Korostashyvets Julia, Senior Lecturer - Emergency in tourism as a legal category
  • Pazenok Anna, PhD - State mechanisms to ensure the right to an adequate standard of living
  • Rachok Alexander, lecturer - Receive a certificate of inheritance - the right or duty?
  • Rybachok Victoria, lecturer - Property surety as a party to a notarial certification process mortgage agreement
  • Fedorchenko Natalia, PhD, associate professor KUTEL - Civil regulation of tourist services
  • Shvydenko Alexander, PhD - Legal problems in the organization of joint stock companies

Department of General Legal and Criminal Law

  • Zybachynskyy Igor, Ph.D. - Problems of formation and transformation of the first countries of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Zaika Sergey, PhD - Activities of the investigator to identify the causes and conditions that facilitated the commission of crime: some aspects
  • Kaminsky Natalia, PhD, Associate Professor - Development of cross-border tourism with local and regional governments
  • Kartavcev Valery, PhD, Professor - Improvement of legislation - an important condition for European integration of Ukraine
  • Kostyuk Stanislav, Senior Lecturer - Non-traditional methods of disclosure and investigation of crimes
  • Maksimova Larisa, Senior Lecturer - Criminal accountability of health workers in health care
  • Nikolaenko Ivan, Doctor of History, Professor - Ukrainian-Russian Relations: Problems and Prospects
  • Tarahonich Tatiana, PhD, associate professor - The sphere of legal regulation
  • Tsyurupa Mikhail, PhD, Professor - Solutions Hague Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the context of international humanitarian law

Department of Constitutional Law and Notary

  • Gurzhiy Taras, PhD, Associate Professor - The basis of determination of sources of public policy
  • Kamenskaya Nina, PhD - Administrative Appeals - A constructive way to resolve problems or questions without answers?
  • Serban Fedir, teacher - Legal regulation of quality tourism product
  • Chernish Volodymir, PhD, Associate Professor - Notary mystery: the concept and boundaries


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