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Invitations to participate in the EIT available in electronic form

Participants of the external evaluation were able to form self-invitation passes for testing

On the content pages of test participants have the option of forming self-admission invitation to participate in the EIT. At the invitation contains information on date of testing, as well as names and addresses of the points test, in which applicant will be selected tests of its subjects.

Access to the personal account is the number EIT Certificate and pin-code specified in it.

Recall that all participants also sent invitations to participate in testing in traditional paper form.

Please note applicants that pass-invitation to participate in external testing is a necessary document which will be the admission of participants to the EIT point testing.

Also note that using the information pages entrants will be made the official announcement of the results of testing of each applicant. The results EIT students use to participate in the competitive selection for admission to universities in Ukraine.

External independent evaluation of training will start on May 15 testing in chemistry and will run until June 7. During that time participants will be able to make EIT tests in 10 subjects.

Total, including graduates of previous years, participation in this year's testing intend to 328,910 students.


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