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Excursion to the Botanical Garden named after A.V. FOMIN

In order to improve educational and eco-educational work in Economics and Law School in October was held teaching and thematic excursion for students of the profession "Agent of tourism" at the Botanical Garden named after A.V.FOMIN.

The botanical garden named after A.V. Fomin - one of the oldest botanical gardens in Ukraine, which this year celebrates its 175 th anniversary. It is located in the center of Kyiv and is a tourist town green pearl. Work of many generations of botanists in the botanical garden was a unique collection of plants of different geographical origin, which has more than 10 thousand units.

During the tour, students joined the theoretical knowledge of the course "Fundamentals of Ecology" and "Ecologization tourism activities," acquainted with the collection of greenhouse plants subtropical and tropical flora of the world, as well as specimens of rare plants listed in the Red Book. Of particular interest to visitors summoned a group of tropical plants, such as coffee and melon tree, coconut palms, flowering dwarf banana, bottle tree, 180-year-old specimens of trees - livistony southern Chilean and yubeyi.

Interesting story guide drew attention to environmental issues today associated with a decrease in biodiversity of our planet, helped intensify interest in forming a new environmental philosophy. Exposure botanical garden is an integral part of the environmental and educational work in the tourism business as familiarity with different flora in different regions of the world adds to students' knowledge of the biological and landscape diversity of our planet.








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