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Dear women! Warmly and sincerely congratulate you on the holiday of spring!

Welcome the opportunity to warmly congratulate you on the occasion of femininity, beauty and tenderness - Day 8 March! Spring always brings with it a miracle - a miracle renewal, prosperity and bright colors. And not without reason that it is women who dedicated this spring holiday - as the embodiment of faith in the revival of beauty in the world.

Gotthold Lessing classic German woman named an exemplary piece of the universe. And all men agree with him - because you, dear women are most beautiful lights in the firmament of our lives.

Dear women, is that you decorate a spring. This radiance of your love and kindness brightens our hearts. Let the rays of attention all the men you warm in any season, because it is through you the world is better.

Let your house heard laughter, sparkling eyes, love family and friends, warm kind words and your wishes are carried out with fantastic speed!

Thank you for your inexhaustible energy and optimism. With impeccable professionalism and great skill. With profound wisdom and limitless patience. I wish that all your most ambitious plans realized and cherished dream - embodied!

Let this spring day in your life knocks vivid, unforgettable holiday - a holiday of love, sunshine and happy smiles!

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