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Computer Service Center

Computer Service Center (CSC) is a subdivision of Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law.

The work of CSC is guided by the Law of Ukraine "On Education", "On scientific and technological activities", and other laws and regulations in the field of education and information technology, the "Regulations on the organization of educational process in academy", "Regulations on the educational and training -research and production complex", "Regulations on the organization of labor protection in educational institutions", the Code of Labor Laws, the Charter of the University of Kiev Tourism, Economics and Law (hereinafter University), the Rules of internal labor regulations, orders and guidelines of the University, decisions of the Academic Council, orders of the Chief of KSC, this provision.

Guidance of the Center provides direct head CSC - Abdurashitov Alexey.


The main objectives of CSC are:

  • implementing a unified approach using computer and information resources;
  • ensuring efficient and reliable operation of computer and information resources, organization and conduct of timely repair of computers and office machines, its constant modernization;
  • develop and implement a unified policy development program-technical complex, internal network and external information linkages;
  • development and implementation of general plan information database of the University for teaching, research and production work;
  • creation and implementation of a joint website of the University and for an advertising and production policies in the Internet;
  • implementation of effective means to support advanced teaching, research and production activities. 

Functions  of CSC:

  • Organization the operating of software and hardware of the University.
  • Maintenance and repair of computer organization and organizational techniques.
  • The introduction of modern software, application software packages, computer information technology, including Web-pages, electronic mail, computer telephony, etc.
  • Organization the work of a local information network of the University (including e-mail, Internet connections).
  • Development the plans for improvement and development of software-technical complex.
  • Preparation of computer and other modern equipment for use in teaching, research and business activities.
  • Preparation of computer tools for use in the activities of the interim direction (seminars, conferences, promotional events and public holidays);
  • The creation of the database.
  • Organization of the preparation, storage and access to reference, educational and methodical and advertising information of the University.
  • Organization of work with relevant national and international institutions to make more efficient use of computer resources.
  • Execution in the prescribed manner of operational tasks for the leadership of the University.
  • Overseeing of the usage of computer and organizational techniques in the educational process and the structural units in the University.
  • Techno-economic analysis of the results of the usage of computer technology in the University. 


Tel.: +38-067-274-51-91



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