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Training industrial tourism company "KUTEL-TOUR" was established on the initiative of Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law on February 21, 2002.

The purpose and the task of the training and production company "KUTEL-TOUR":

  1. Provide practical training of students specializing in "Tourism" in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian educational standards, standards of the tourism industry, international educational standards.
  2. Improving the quality of teaching students of different specialties through the organization of field of study and production practices.
  3. Organization of excursion activities, development of guided tours, weekend tours to Ukraine.
  4. Organization of individual and group tours for holidays in Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Montenegro, Egypt, Thailand, UAE, excursion tours to Europe and others
  5. Expanding the range of educational services provided by KUTEL, through the organization of professional training courses on tourism.
  6. Ensuring receipt of practical skills among students, the organization of internal, external and foreign tourism, tours, activities and additional services for tourists.
  7. Promotion of managerial thinking in students, and independent decision-making. 

The main activity of scientific and industrial tourism company "KUTEL-TOUR" is the development of teaching materials for conducting practical training of students. The priority of work "KUTEL-TOUR" is a collaboration with youth organizations, academic institutions both in Ukraine and abroad to provide quality and affordable travel services for youth.

During the period of the company has developed a number of domestic tour tourist routes, which cover the following cities of Ukraine: Lviv, Odessa, Uman, Kanev, Kamenetz-Podolski, Uzhgorod, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Belgorod-Dniester, and others. Scientific and industrial tourism company  "KUTEL-TOUR" excursion routes have been developed in Ukrainian and English languages in Kyiv: city tour, tour of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Sophia Cathedral, a walking tour of the Upper City, Museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Pyrohovo"; guided tour program "Legends of the ancient Podil"; Babi Yar, the Museum of the Great Patriotic War; Cyril Church; Vudubickiy cloister; architectural monuments of Pechersk.

Scientific and industrial tourism company  "KUTEL-TOUR"  is a network of "agencies' burning permits ", which was established in January 2003, the main purpose of which is a union of travel agencies in a unified framework for implementation of the "burning" rounds, obtaining timely objective information from tourism operators, the increase speed of service of each tourist and facilitate the work of employees due to the complete automation of the office. 

Training and Production Laboratory KUTEPOV-TOUR subject provost of teaching and production work. The head of the firm is a director who is appointed rector of KUTEL. The structure of teaching and industrial laboratories include the following employees:

  • Head of Laboratory
  • Trainer
  • Secretary
  • Administrators of tourism.

We are waiting for you at:

Ukraine, 02192, Kiev, st. G. Zhmachenko, 26

Contact tel. (+38 044) 543-94-91, (+38 044) 549-17-39, (+38 067) 409-79-59


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