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9-12 October 2013 in Ukraine will be Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Mr. Taleb Rifai

Important event

By the Program of the visit UNWTO head scheduled his visit to Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law where he will speak to teachers and students a lecture on the current state and prospects of development of world tourism.

The World Tourism Organization is a specialized leading intergovernmental agency of the United Nations that coordinates and regulates the development of tourism in the world, explores the trends and prospects of its development, the governments of the world provides advice and assistance in planning, legal framework, infrastructure, training for tourism industry.

Now UNWTO unites 160 countries and 400 accessions of members from 80 countries, including local turadministrations, tourism and aviation companies, research centers and educational institutions tourist and hotel.

Ukraine became an active member UNWTO in 1997 at the XIII General Assembly of UNWTO in Istanbul (Turkey). This General Assembly decided to create the Business Council UNWTO, composed Added member.

In 1999, the city of Ushuaia (Argentina) was the 58th meeting of the Executive Council of the WTO, which was considered and unanimously supported a motion Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law's accession to the UNWTO as a member of the Business Council.

Since then, cooperation with KUTEL UNWTO developing successful and mutually beneficial.

KUTEL - the first educational institution in Ukraine, which became a member of the Business Council UNWTO. Over the years, by mutual agreement with the UNWTO based KUTEL successfully conducted a number of activities: October 2000 - UNWTO regional workshop "The impact of the Internet and electronic commerce on the travel industry and tourism", in November 2003 - International Seminar on "The quality and competitiveness of education and training in tourism", five international scientific conferences and other events.

In 2009, the Secretary General of the UNWTO elected Taleb Rifai of Jordan citizen. In his direct participation was developed the concept of "networks of knowledge sharing", which began in September 2010. Its main objective is to assist the states - members UNWTO on science, education, technology, innovation and knowledge management related to tourism.

In October 2012 the Secretary-General Taleb Rifai UNWTO hearty welcomed the walls of KUTEL. With great pleasure he agreed to speak to the students and teachers with their vision of tourism development trends in the XXI century, especially emphasizing that its success depends on a new generation of youth, who is now studying, mastering professional knowledge and skills of the tourism industry. Tourism, which last year swept trips over 1 billion people in the world and has earned $1 trillion, more than ever needs proper training of qualified personnel. This is very important for Ukraine, which are among the ten most visited countries, taking last year more than 23 million tourists.

Visiting again Head of UNWTO Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law, who last year became Honorary Professor of KUTEL becomes a tradition. Students and faculty of the University are looking forward to his performance, professional recommendations for improving tourism education in Ukraine and advice.

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