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Department of Science and postgraduate studies

Science is an integral part of the organization of work Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law. It aims at developing general university research theme "Tourism as a phenomenon of social and economic culture and social production." In accordance with it were developed cathedral and faculty research topics: "Tourism and Hospitality Management: theory and practice" (Faculty of Tourism, hotel and restaurant business); "Management of tourism development" (Department of International Economic Relations and Management); "Improvement of legal regulation of notaries, customs and tourism in Ukraine: Problems of efficiency" (Faculty of Law).

To ensure proper working conditions of academic staff of the chairs University operates department of Science and postgraduate studies headed by

The main tasks of the Department of Science and postgraduate school are:

  • planning and coordination of departments and faculties for the overall scientific and academic research topic;
  • scientific and methodological support of educational process involved in the development of topical problems of the theory and practice of tourism;
  • development of various forms of research cooperation (including international) institutions of NASU and organizations outside the higher education system, to solve complex scientific problems, implementation of research and development;
  • involvement in research and scientific leadership graduate of leading scientists and researchers, employees of universities and other research institutions and organizations;
  • organization of the university academic, scientific, research and teaching seminars, "round tables", conferences.

Department of Science and graduate cares publication of "Scientific notes of KUTEL" series "Philosophy" and series "Theory and methods of professional education."

Within the department work the postgraduate school. Training of graduate students is carried out in specialties:

081 - Law;

12.00.03 - Civil law;

12.00.04 - Business Law

Annually there are at KUTEL postgraduate and master readings on the theory (tourismology) and practice (praxeology) of tourism.

Under the auspices of the Department of Science of KUTEL expanded activities of the Student Scientific Society "Synergy." Student Society operates since 2004. The complex topic of scientific research society: "Tourism, Problems and Prospects of Development". The Department of the University has 7 scientific student clubs. The activity of young scientists diverse: preparing scientific papers and reports, conducting research in preparation coursework, undergraduate, diploma and others.

Students-scientists of KUTEL are participating in the annual student conferences, seminars, “round tables”, competitions, in nationwide student research. Repeatedly, participants received prizes and diplomas.

University scientists and colleagues from other universities, the Federation carried out considerable work on creation of scientific and methodological basis of educational process, development of actual problems of theory and practice of tourism.

Among the most notable results in the 2016-2017 academic year are more than 200 scientific publications, including 2 monographs, 7 textbooks, 108 scientific articles.

With the support and assistance of UN WTO held six international scientific conferences, which summarizes the results of the development problems of the theory of tourism in its philosophical, cultural, sociological, historical, jurisprudential, pedagogical and psychological aspects.

An important focus of the scientific department is the organization of a permanent scientific and methodological seminar: "Man and Culture of the XXI century". The seminar introduced the practice of scientific reports on topical issues of general and specialized knowledge. These seminars are the unique opportunity to touch the underlying scientific issues chosen field of study.

In order to consolidate tourismology-scientists and specialists of education and training for the tourism industry in 2003 on the initiative of KUTEL was formed Academy of Tourism of Ukraine.

The founders of the Academy of Tourism are some of leading educational institutions of Ukraine that are training specialists for the tourism industry.

Academy of Tourism of Ukraine is a voluntary Ukrainian public organization which unites individuals engaged in scientific, educational and practical work in the field of tourism. The Academy operates on the basis of the Constitution of Ukraine, current legislation on the principles of democracy, governance and equality of its members.

The purpose of the Academy as an association of professionals in the tourism industry is the realization of their desire to contribute to the further qualitative improvement and development of tourist areas of research facilities Ukraine topical issues of tourism, forecasting development, participation in the development policy framework in the tourism industry, the development of the education system, which provides training of qualified personnel for the tourism business in Ukraine, and to protect the legitimate interests of its members. 


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