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Department of General Legal Disciplines

The graduating department of general legal disciplines was established in 2013.

The department is a structural unit of the Faculty of Law.

The Department of general legal disciplines carries out preparation and graduation of students in the direction of training "Jurisprudence" at the educational and qualification levels "Bachelor", "Master".

The main purpose of the department is to train highly qualified specialists for the legal sphere, which are able to navigate the issues of modern judicial, notarial and human rights activities. The professional orientation of our graduates is to work in:

• judicial authorities;

• Prosecutor's Office and police;

• agencies of the notary, customs and state executive service;

• local executive agencies and local self-government units;

• the direction of human rights and international legal practice.

The department provides an effective solution to educational, organizational, methodological, research and informational and analytical tasks for the training of lawyers.

In order to orient students in choosing a future profession, the department organizes and controls the passage of students by the legal faculty of teaching and production practice:

First course - in the judicial authorities;

Second course - in local self-government units;

Third course - in police or prosecutor's offices;

Fourth course - in the bodies of the notary and the state executive service.

The head of the department is Volodymyr Nikolayevich Chernysh, Ph.D., associate professor, professor of KUTEL.

Born March 17, 1949 in the village of Natalina, Krasnogradsky district, Kharkiv region, Ukrainian.

Higher legal education, in 1975 he graduated from the Faculty of Law of Kyiv State University named after T.G. Shevchenko.

After graduating from the university he worked as a people judge of the Darnytsky district of Kyiv.

Since 01.09.1997 - appointed to the post of the head of the department of notary and state building of the Faculty of Law of the Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law.

2003 - awarded the Order of Merit of the III degree by the President of Ukraine for his significant personal contribution to the development of the notary public of Ukraine, active public and scientific activities.

April 14, 2004 defended his thesis on specialty 12.00.03 "Civil Law and Civil Procedure; family law; International Private Law" in the specialized council of the Institute of State and Law named after V.M. Koretsky of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Diploma DK № 022948.

2009 - President of the Academy of Notary.

September 2, 2010 was awarded the Medal of Labor Glory.

Professorial and teaching staff of the department

Regular Teachers

1. Chernysh Volodymyr Nikolayevich - Candidate of Law, Professor of KUTEL;

2. Fatkhuddinova Elena Vasylivna - Candidate of Law, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy;

3. Nelin Alexander Ivanovich - Doctor of Law, professor;

4. Kunenko Iryna Sergiivna - Candidate of Law, associate professor;

5. Maksimova Larisa Aleksandrovna - Candidate of Law, associate professor of KUTEL;

6. Nosenko Olexiy Vitaliyovych - Candidate of Law, associate professor;

7. Serban Fyodor Ivanovich - associate professor of KUTEL.

Disciplines, which are fixed in the department of general legal disciplines (normative and selective)

1. Agrarian law

2. Advocacy of Ukraine

3. Administrative law

4. Administrative Proceedings

5. Actual problems of land law

6. Actual problems of the theory of state and law

7. Actual problems of financial law

8. Banking Law

9. State Service in Ukraine

10. State building and local government in Ukraine

11. Environmental law

12. Land law

13. Information law

14. History of the state and the rights of foreign countries

15. History of state and law of Ukraine

16. History of legal and political doctrines

17. Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries

18. Constitutional Law of Ukraine

19. Constitutional and procedural law

20. Criminalistics

21. Criminal law

22. Criminal enforcement law

23. Criminal procedural law

24. Criminology

25. International humanitarian law

26. International economic law

27. International law

28. Public international law

29. Municipal Law of Ukraine

30. Oratory art

31. Fundamentals of diplomatic and consular law

32. Tax law

33. Comparative Constitutional Law

34. Human rights and their protection

35. The right of the European Union

36. Legal statistics

37. Legal systems of the present

38. Jurisprudence

39. Practice (training) in local executive bodies or local self-government bodies (2nd year)

40. Practice (training) in the prosecution or police (3rd year)

41. Practice (training) in the judiciary (1 course)

42. Practice (technological) in the units of the notary and the state executive service (4 year)

43. Case law of the European Court of Human Rights

44. Forensic Medicine and Psychiatry

45. Judicial and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine

46. Theory of state and law

47. Financial law

48. Legal deontology


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